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Future forward and...beyond

In our fast-paced world, every day, policymakers face the critical challenge of making informed decisions that will shape the future. To meet this challenge head-on, the cultivation of foresight and anticipation skills are essential.

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The future of Europe: futures imagined by Greek citizens

#OurFutures collects EU citizen’s images through a narrative inquiry method. In Greece we did this in close collaboration with the Foresight Unit - Presidency of the Government. We reached out to Greek citizens and gained insights about how people in this part of Europe imagine the future.

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Harmonising waste sorting labels across the EU

Making waste sorting more effective: A participatory design and behavioural science approach to developing harmonised waste sorting labels for the EU.

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Driving forward with cleaner energy

The Living Lab for Testing Digital Energy Solution (DES-Lab) in collaboration with the EU Policy Lab coordinates an experimental project using nine electric-vehicles charging stations at the JRC in Ispra. Unlike other charging stations, this project supplies each station with electricity produced by

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